What is EN 54?

EN 54EN 54 is the European standard for voice alarm products. It is part of the European Union's Construction Products Directive. The use of EN 54 certified products for all new voice alarm installations became mandatory in April 2011.
What is EN 54?Originally introduced as a European standard for fire alarm systems, EN 54 has now been extended to cover voice evacuation to meet a growing trend in the market towards integration of fire alarm and voice evacuation systems. EN 54 offers support in the creation of a safer environment for staff and the general public in premises where these systems are used, competitive advantage for value added resellers (VARs) and integrators, as well as greater clarity for those involved in specification.

These international standards set the guidelines for system performance and surveillance. A voice evacuation system must be at all times ready for operation and a single fault in the critical signal path must be detected and reported.

Subordinate EN 54 standards describe requirements, tests and performance criteria for individual components.

Expert commentRedundancy for perimeter protection and highly available security systems

Redundancy is one key technique to design highly available security systems, e.g. for critical infrastructures. Applications in focus are video systems, Public Address, fire detection systems, intrusion systems or access control.

In differentiation to other applications, the continuous availability of such systems is vital or in other words: failure is no option. Further, modern security systems turn more and more to be based on the IP protocol and thus start interfacing with the IT world since they use the same or similar networks. The article will look at how redundancy as backing-up technology to maintain highest availability of security systems, is achieved and managed. This covers sensors, systems, networks and infrastructure; how it correlates with EN45, LANs and overall IT security. Further, the role of servers will be described as well as redundancy is compared to other solutions to maintain availability such as double rings or layered approaches.           Read more >>

EN 54-16

EN 54-16 specifies requirements, methods of testing and performance criteria for voice alarm systems used in fire detection and fire alarm systems providing audible fire alarm signals within a building.

It defines functions that are mandatory, as well as optional functions which the products may provide in addition to mandatory functions.

EN 54-24

EN 54-24 specifies requirements, testing methods and performance criteria for loudspeakers used in fire detection and alarm systems that broadcast a warning of a fire to the occupants of a building.

It gives common requirements for the construction and robustness of voice alarm loudspeakers, as well as their performance under climatic and mechanical conditions.

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EN 54-4

A system's power supply plays the most important role in guaranteeing reliable operation.

EN 54-4 specifies requirements, testing methods and performance criteria for power supply equipment.

EN 54-4

Voice alarm is a crucial part of building safety. External regulation is vital to ensure quality in what could literally be a matter of life and death! For this reason, 'self-certification' or manufacturer compliancy statements are not permitted.

Fire / voice alarms can only be installed when CPD - CE certified. This entails

  • testing by an accredited body, and
  • verification by an accredited certification body.
EN 54 implementation