Audico ALT 8x8 digital sound reproduction and voice evacuation system

 ALT 8x8 Voice Alarm Control Equipment
EN 54 certifiedEN 54 certified
Model CodeALT 8x8
Number of channels4
Loudspeaker line supervision: Impedance measurementYes
Loudspeaker line supervision: 100V loopYes
Model Info

The ALT 8x8 is a transformer unit for Audico Avec Public Address and Voice Evacuation system. It converts ADA 8x8 central units’ low impedance (8  Ohms) outputs to 70-100V lines. The ALT contains 8  separate transformers, each having 8 Ohms primary coil and secundary coil with tappings for 70 and  100V (factory setting). ALT also delivers the 24VDC priority voltage for  attenuators’ bypass relays, use of priority voltage  ensures the important message is heard everywhere inspite of the current position of the volume setting. Output lines can be connected parallel to increase  the power delivered to a single line.

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