Paso C36/6-EN mono-directional loudspeaker

 C36/6-EN EN54 compliant loudspeaker
EN 54 certifiedEN 54 certified
Model CodeC36/6-EN
EN54 certifiedA (Indoor)
Rated power (PHC) [W]0..6
Sound pressure level [dB] at rated power (1kHz, 1m)80..100
Model Info

The Paso C36/6-EN speaker unit has been developed specifically for use in emergency and evacuation systems (VES) and has its own ceramic terminal strip and thermal fuse. These ensure the protection of the line connecting the loudspeakers if a fire puts one or more of the speaker units connected to it out of use. The C36/6-EN speaker unit has a loudspeaker with a transformer for constant-voltage lines (50, 70 and 100V). The output power is adjustable (6, 3 or 1.5 W).

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