Paso TR400-SX + UT150 600 W multiple horn loudspeaker

 TR400-SX + UT150 Horn Speaker
Model CodeTR400-SX + UT150
Rated power (PHC) [W]> 25
Sound pressure level [dB] at rated power (1kHz, 1m)> 120
Speech and/or music reproductionSpeech only
Model Info

The Paso TR400-SX + UT150 horn speaker unit consists of reinforced fibreglass. It is waterproof and weatherproof. It can mount four 60 W/16 ohm UT60 units (for a total output power of 240 W) or four 150 W/16 ohm UT150 units (for a total output power of 600 W). The horn is built so as to synchronise the sound waves generated by the single units. In order to ensure high efficiency and excellent intelligibility of speech, each unit uses its own separate curved horn path to scatter the sound energy produced, thus avoiding interference effects.

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