Bosch EN 54-16 certified ProSound, Public Address & Voice Evacuation solution for Stadiums

At Security Essen 2014, Martijn van Overveld, Product Marketing Manager, Bosch Security Systems demonstrated ProSound and public address solutions from Electro-Voice and Dynacord brands in respect to EN54.

Martijn van Overveld, Product Marketing Manager of Bosch Security Systems said, “We are standing in front of the part of the booth where we actually demonstrate Electro-Voice and Dynacord in respect to EN54. What you see here is the trend in the market that ProSound and voice alarm grow more and more together in applications like the typical stadium. So you have your ProSound in the central board and your public address and voice alarm in the surrounding areas in shops, causeways, etc. Typically, you would use two systems now, one for the central board the ProSound system, and another voice alarm system for central board and the surrounding areas, which makes extra cost for investment in speakers and central material but also extra handling, configurations, supervision, and installation of these systems; and the total is not EN54 certified.”

He also noted, “The solution that we provide by Bosch in the brands Electro-Voice and Dynacord is a total solution of ProSound and public address which is fully EN54 certified. So you will find the Promatrix 8000 Dynacord voice alarm system EN54 certified, the central equipment of Electro-Voice ProSound EN54 certified and a full load of speakers ProSound and public address also EN54-24 certified”