Bosch introduces EN54 Line Isolator System for integrity of loudspeaker lines

At Security Essen 2014, Martijn van Overveld, Product Marketing Manager, Bosch Security Systems demonstrated the new EN54 line isolator system for loudspeakers.

Martijn van Overveld, Product Marketing Manager of Bosch Security Systems said, “It’s all about voice alarm and EN54. Typically EN54-16 takes care of your central equipment and with respect to the loudspeaker lines it tells you in the standards that you have to take care of the integrity of the lines.”

“In most countries this is solved by using E30 cabling in the loudspeaker lines. For the negative effect of E30 cabling is that it’s expensive, sturdy and you need extra support to keep that E30 cabling onto the ceiling. The alternative that we’ve got here is the isolative system. Actually it’s quite simple - you attach loops to the amplifier system and in that loop you make certain deviations which are split up by means of isolate. So, in case of a short or a short cut in the line, only that part of the line is isolated by the isolator. The big effect there is that in the case of using an isolator system, you are not obliged anymore to use that expensive E30 cable. The EN54 Line Isolator System is a cost-effective and safe method to maintain the integrity of your loudspeaker lines.” noted Martijn van Overveld, Product Marketing Manager of Bosch Security Systems.