Paso AWF240-HV 240 W amplifier with 4 KV insulation

 AWF240-HV Voice Alarm Control Equipment
Model CodeAWF240-HV
Model Info

The peculiarity of these amplifiers is that they can withstand high voltages between the mains power supply/loudspeaker outputs and the frame, even reaching up to 4 kV. This feature increases the safety of the system, preventing possible discharges on the mains or on the loudspeakers connections from passing along the audio chain thus causing serious damage or personal injury. This built-in amplifier has a standard format that enables it to be mounted also inside telephone type cabinets.

Models AXF120-HV and AXF240-HV have four inputs with RJ45 sockets on the lower panel: one input for a B711-G microphone station (BASE) and three auxiliary inputs (AUX1, AUX2 and AUX3). These inputs, which are electronically balanced, are switched to one another and have their own order of priority: the BASE input has priority over inputs AUX1/2/3, input AUX1 over AUX2/3 and input AUX2 over AUX3. On each of them, switching of the inputs takes place by means of a positive power supply from outside. There is a voltage on sockets AUX1/2/3 that is cut off in the event of failure of the amplifier or if it is switched off. This enables operation of the amplifier to be monitored from a remote station. There is a ‘busy’ signal on sockets AUX 2 and AUX 3 when the BASE input or the AUX 1 input are active.

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