Paso DAG9300 digital alarm generator and vocal recorder

 DAG9300 Voice Alarm Control Equipment
Model CodeDAG9300
Loudspeaker line supervision: Impedance measurementYes
Model Info

The Paso DAG9300 is an alarm-signal generator that can be used to record and play out two voice messages. 12 different alarms (to be chosen from among the 20 different synthesised tones available). The tones and pre-recorded messages can be activated either by means of the front-panel controls or by means of contacts on the rear panel.  One very interesting feature is that a microphone station of the B711 range can be used to record a voice message and play it out with a certain delay after completion of the recording (“DELAY PLAY” mode). In this way it will be possible to make voice announcements to be broadcast with a certain delay, so as to avoid triggering the Larsen effect, created when the microphone is too close to the loudspeakers. With the “REC PLAY” mode, on the other hand, it will be possible to use the base for sending out a pre-recorded message.

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